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About Us

Henry George has played many an influential role in the growth of our state’s capital and its buildings. When it came time for the pace to slow down to enjoy life a little more, his obsession with creating the best entwined with his wife Diane’s passion of dressage horses. Diane (Di) has always had a love of beautiful things, the arts, theatre, dance and the ballet.

It is this combination of dance with the song of the horse that results with the beauty of dressage and the foundation and purpose of Dicavalli Stud in Southern Queensland, Australia.


This passion originally started with a partnership with the Leonardo 68/Domherr stallion and now paralympic team member “Jaybee Leuwin”, and some select mares of early imported Australian bloodlines from decendents of Aachen, Skyhigh, and Chico D’Oro.

In 1998 after extensive research, the quest to improve the pool dressage horses in Australia took us to the mecca of all dressage, the regions of Oldenburg and Hannover Germany and to the Vechta Elite Auction.

Our research, both in Australia and in Germany, indicated that the two top dressage stallions producing winning offspring at the highest levels were the legends Donnerhall and Rubinstein. We decided to base our stud on these two superior sires and proceeded to do so.

During our 1998 tour we viewed many superb Donnerhall-Rubinstein crosses. Progeny from Alabaster also caught our attention, and we were that impressed we purchased the gentle-natured exquisite “Alladin”.

In 1998 and 1999, Dicavalli imported eleven horses from the Oldenburger area in Germany, most of which were purchased at the Vechta Elite Auctions. The Vechta Elite auction is a select auction comprising some of the finest performance horses prejudged by a panel for entrance to the auction.

In Australia most people merely refer to the stallions in the pedigrees of their horses. It is recognized worldwide in breeding that the mare has a 55% to 60% influence on its progeny, and for that reason we imported seven mares that are just as good as our Champion stallions.

To reproduce the example of one’s brilliance and pass this onto one’s offspring, creating of equal greatness or better is the aim of the breeding programme at Dicavalli. This principle of breeding by line crossing through the Donnerhall and Rubinstein lines,

Dicavalli is a very young stud on an international basis, however we operate on proven practices and first rate managed care of our horses.

We have been very pleased with the success of our horses and their progeny and we invite you to reach for the pinnacle of your dreams a horse produced by Dicavalli.

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